Friday, January 14, 2011

My little chef

Still no stitching pictures to post, since I'm working on the reindeer exchange, so instead I'll show you all why stitching goes a bit more slowly than it used to...She's not walking yet, but she DOES pull up on everything, including that ancient stove! Yikes. (And no, I don't typically let her do that, but it made for a funny picture. She was immediately whisked away after the picture was taken!) We actually have a newer stove that we purchased cheap at a household auction, and we're meeting with a contractor next week to see how complicated/expensive it will be it replace the old built-in model. And possibly replace that icky carpet with vinyl, too!

Thank you all for your input on the ornament size issue. I've decided to go with Annette's advice -- ornaments DO come in all sizes. Raychill, your suggestion of the Just Nan design was a good one, but my budget is a little tight (see above, stove project!) and that one isn't in my stash. And I do love Daffycat's little freebies, but I've seen them stitched a lot recently and I'm hoping not to duplicate something my partner already has.

Oh, and have you ever been pawing through your stash - or in my case, browsing your freebie files at work (!!!) - and found something that would be just PERFECT for someone you know? This just happened to me, and now I'm terribly impatient to start something! But I can't, I keep telling myself, at least not until the exchange piece is done!

So, on that note, Happy Friday....may your weekend be full of stitching, cooking, and good eats!!


libwitch said...

Oh please - I grew up playing with a a stove older then that, and look how I turned out! No worries, right? *twitch*

Erin said...

That first photo is just precious! I love diaper-butt jeans; they're so cute! And she looks *so* proud of herself.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Awww she's adorable!!!

Meari said...

Little Bit is so adorable!