Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still here, still stitching!

And that baby is still growing. Which is amazing to watch, but kind of sad, too. Nothing like a growing child to remind you of how young you're NOT. *sigh* But it is hard to stay sad when you see this goofy little grin everyday, right?On the stitchy front, her birth sampler is actually DONE, with the exception of the buttons which I have yet to find/improvise from my stash. I'm verrrrrry tempted to try contacting Jill Rensell about framing it, too...I think it is worth it! But the last time I attempted that - for the reading sampler I made for Mom - Jill never responded. Hmm.

I also found a few minutes to stitch this up for a friend.This is one of DMC's "Almost Finished" Stitch-A-Bears. I used the included patterns, because 1) it was cute and 2) my "ooo, I can design something MYSELF for this" time is significantly diminished these days! The bib is also aida, which isn't my favorite to stitch on, but I think it turned out pretty nice anyway (just don't look at the back hehehe). For size purposes, the packaging says he is an 8" bear. His body is a soft little lovey-blanket.


valerie said...

I would totally recommend Jill for framing. She is more of a phone person over an email person. If you call her up, she'd be happy to help you.

Missy Ann said...

Second the phone, just call her.

In fact this is how my calls go:

Me: Jill you accepting framing?

Jill: Of course.

Me: Then it's on the way.

Jill: I'll email you when it arrives.

Then we exchange emails once she has it in her hands.

Kathy A. said...

Erin - did you receive a package from me?