Sunday, February 07, 2010

One month to go!

Well, with a due date of March 11, there isn't much time left before our Wee One arrives! The nursery is mostly done - I'm still waiting for my mom's seamstress friend to finish the curtains - and if someone were to arrive unexpectedly, we'd at least have a bed and clothes for her. Of course, since we just moved in late December, I still feel like a lot of our things are still in boxes....and they may stay that way for months to come! Also, I got a lovely surprise package from Kathy last week - she made several adorable bibs and burp cloths, plus sent a cute little lovey blanket. Thank you so much, Kathy -- you are too sweet!!

Believe it or not, I *have* been stitching. Some evenings it is the only thing that keeps me from obsessing over the twitchy-crawly feelings in my legs... So last night I finished a small project from JBW Designs, called "To The Sea." It is stitched on 28-ct. "Drifting Sands" lugana from Kiwi Illusions, using most (but not all) of the hand-dyed flosses. And I did break down and purchase the Mill Hill glass treasure lighthouse, on the right-hand side. Yowza, that little doo-dad was expensive! I'm debating whether to have this framed (some day) or to finish it as a pillow/something else small that I can do myself.


Anonymous said...

For the tingly legs, try watching your sodium intake at dinner time and drink a lot more water in the evening. I'm due with baby #3 on 3/14 and have been fighting restless leg syndrome for weeks now and this little regimen seems to be helping me in the evening. My OB also said to try eating 1/2 a banana before bed, but that didn't really help me. I know it's very irritating. Good luck!

Real Live Woman said...

Great finish! I love how the alphabet makes up the waves - very pretty!

stitchinfiend said...

A Beautiful finish. Glad that your wee one will have a bed.....LOL

Kathy A. said...

Glad to hear your package arrived safely!
Love your JBW designs. You know me I'm a sucker for lighthouses!.
Take care. Looking forward toyour little angel arriving soon.

Melanie said...

"To the Sea" is an adorable finish! Well done!

I'm really excited for you for the upcoming arrival of your little girl!