Sunday, November 08, 2009

Where does the time go...

So it is November. Almost MID-November, mind you, and I've been (un)surprisingly quiet over here. *sigh* The pregnancy is still going well (22 weeks this past Thursday!), we're supposed to close on our house on the 16th, and I'm still working 2 jobs. In fact, I'm at job #2 right now, manning the college library reference desk until 9 pm. Pretty low-stress, so I really shouldn't complain, should I??? But I'm tired. And my ankles are puffy. And we won't even mention how much bigger my boobs are at this point....yikes.

Stitching has been...well actually, I HAVE done a bit more than I expected. I have yet to start my little sister's wedding piece (the wedding is in January), and none of my big projects have been touched, but I did pull out the Heartstrings October Santa that I envision as our child's first Christmas ornament and work on that a little.The checkerboard yellows of the moon are a bit of a chore, but the effect when finished is going to be very cute. And if I did the math right, it *should* be the right size for one of my 4" round ornament forms....provided I can find them by the time I get to the finishing stage. LOL

Alrighty, goals.
October recap:
1) hahahaha! Yes, much hearty guffawing has been heard around here lately.
2) ornamentify the sprites. Yes.
3) stitch.....something? Yep, worked on Santa.

So all in all, a pretty good month goal-wise! But on that note, I'm not setting goals for November. If the closing goes as planned, we will be moving over the Thanksgiving weekend (thank goodness for Black Friday, and having a husband who no longer works retail!). With that in mind, I probably should concentrate on packing - and then UNpacking - before stitching. But you never know, I could still find a bit of stitching time here and there!

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Heidi said...

Glad to hear your pregnancy is going along good. The Santa is cute. Good luck with your move, I'm moving mid December overseas.