Monday, June 01, 2009

June, so soon?

Yep, that's me, still lamenting the inevitable passage of time. LOL

May recap:
1) Prepare and ship Just Nan HOE exchange (by 5/29/09). Yes.
2) Do some more finishing. Yes.
3) Delivering Fleurs. Yes (although I forgot to take a picture).
4) Fairy Tale Towne. Yes - briefly, but yes.
5) Labyrinth. Yes.
6) Work on "Valse de Fleurs." NO.
7) Work on baby gift. Yep - in under the wire, that's what I did last night!

June goals:
1) Work on baby gift.
2) Finish "Happiness Is" sampler.
3) Work on "Valse de Fleurs."
5) Collect ideas for sister's wedding piece.
6) Delivering Fleurs (finish?).

At some point I really ought to set aside some time to work on the last square in my woodland neighborhood is in a bag in the closet and probably feeling quite neglected....


Mel said...

I completely understand. Where does the time go!?
Great job on accomplishing almost all your goals!

Zeb said...

Heh I should "organise" like that too... except I sometimes like the spontaneity of just picking something out of my stash to stitch with no urgent "need" to stitch it save for WANTING to!
That of course, is only if I don't have things I don't NEED to stitch!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Erin, June certainly came around too quickly in my opinion!!!

Good luck with those goals!

Zoe said...

Good job on your goals! It was a productive month!