Saturday, May 09, 2009

Me vs. The Sewing Machine

Ugh. After the lovely matboard ornament project, I was inspired to do some more finishing...this time just a "simple" pillow.

Evidently my sewing machine has been feeling neglected, and decided to take it out on me. It isn't terribly obvious in this picture, but the bottom of my poor little pillow looks like someone tried to eat it. *sigh* Basically, I left too small an opening to turn the project right-side out, so I had to do some seam-ripping, and more than just the seam ripped! Darned cheap Wal-Mart fabric. (The backing is a yellow cotton with little white butterflies on it -- picked up for pennies in the Wal-Mart remnant bin.) I managed to cobble it together with some creative hand-stitching, but it is definitely not a neatly finished seam. Ah well, it was just a little time-waster project, and I'll keep it for myself anyway.

Working until 9 pm again today -- I'd so much rather be home stitching!

Oh, and in other news....the drawing..."Sampling Country" will be going to CindyMae's house, and Kathy A., the Mira fairy is yours!! I guess no one wanted the baby patterns.


CindyMae said...

I think that it turned out great! It looks so cute and I just love the added buttons!!!

Thanks again for the drawing and I can not wait to receive it!!

Brenda Lou said...

The finish is adorable! You can even tell something took a "bite" out of it :)

Mel said...

I agree with Cindy, cute buttons indeed! :)

Von said...

I certainly understand about feeling less than happy with a finishing job - but you persevered through it and you can enjoy it for yourself. I've found that many of the projects I was disappointed in looked better in retrospect. :D

I think it looks really cute!