Monday, November 26, 2007

No turkey-naps for me...

...I've been stitching!

We went to my folks' place on Thursday, and had a lovely time. Ate ENTIRELY too much food! But then we came home and relaxed together for the rest of the weekend (well, Hubby had to see some clients and do some paperwork, but nothing major). I got lots of laundry done, cooked a nice dinner last night, and even wrapped a couple Christmas, I stitched!

First, I'll show off my square for Toni's RR. Sadly, Toni has left the RR group, so I don't know what will happen to this little guy. I was only the second person to stitch on it....The pattern is from Homespun Elegance, in the "As Seasons Go By" leaflet. I combined a couple bits, and added my own path and the clouds.

Next, I finished the Gaelic blessing!! I'm very happy this piece. I'm not sure what to do with it now, though...hmmm. This was a freebie I found at, and stitched over-one on a piece of 28-ct. Belfast. The words are done in Grace Kelly Green by The Dye Is Cast, and the knotwork is "Chagall" Painter's Thread from Tentakulum. I love how this turned out.

I also got everything but the birthdate stitched on the little shepherd piece, and a bit done on the Sue Hillis dragon....but didn't take pictures of those yet. Phew, soon I'll need to start something NEW!! *lol*


tkdchick said...

Wow!!! I love that colour used in the knotwork!!!!

Kathy A. said...

It was very nice to you to finish the house on Toni's RR. I am sure she will finish it up one day and you will have added something special. I love your Gaelic blessing. I did a piece with celtic knots for Dani (tkd chick) one time and know how much quarter stitching there is. Beautiful work!

Heidi said...

Your thanksgiving weekend sounds nice. I like your RR. And your gaelic piece came out great. :)

****Ciottina**** said...

Hi Erin, I've just found out your blog...I've to say your works are fantastic and you're a very fast stitcher! Congratulations!