Friday, July 20, 2007

Where HAVE I been?!?!?

Sheesh, it has been more than 2 weeks since my last post! I swear I've been around....but summers get a little crazy around here, especially once I start running away to the medieval faire every weekend. I've also got 2 or 3 stitching projects on the go with deadlines, so I feel a bit "under the gun" to stitch and not waste time blogging!

To start, I got the Barbara Baatz flower fairy framed and delivered to the little birthday girl at the faire. It was soooo wonderful...her eyes got huge, and I think I made her grandmother cry. Awww. Grandma has told me since that the little one wants to show her fairy to everyone who comes over to their house, and she loves to "pet" the frame!! I don't have a picture of the unwrapping or anything, and even if I did I probably shouldn't post it for privacy reasons...but here is a pic of the framed fairy.
(I'm so glad I have a digital camera....I could be sure I had a GOOD pic before I gave my work away forever!) The frame is an orangey-brown wood with a white paint effect in the grooves - it helped bring out the fairy's hair and skin, my framer and I decided. I went without mats, just so it will be more versatile for them to display as she gets older.

My work on the Celtic wedding piece has stalled a bit -- I dove into one more "little" project for my BIL's renaissance wedding. I decided the July Vermillion freebie - "Yellow Tulip Slip" - would be perfect as part of my own costume! So I'm going to make it into either a drawstring pouch for my camera or a shoulder bag. Haven't decided which yet.... I've actually got quite a bit more finished than this pic shows, too. The blues and yellows, on that brown Jazlyn, will be gorgeous against my blue brocade bodice and tan silk skirts!

But here is the Celtic wedding piece, too....would hate for it to feel left out....LOL. I DID make some good progress on it early in the month.


Aussie Stitcher said...

The fairy is beautiful, no wonder the little girl loved it.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I just can picture that sweet little girl now. I just knew she would love it. god bless you for doing that! i could just hug you!

Deanne J said...

They all look wonderful Erin.

I can understand summer getting out of hand, I'm finally blogging again after 2 months.

Carol said...

Your angel is beautiful!!!! Have you received Lauren's RR yet?

Kathy said...

Beautiful angel Erin. what a sweet gift. Your celtic blessing is beautiful. You have gotten a lot done since the last time I saw it.

rose_michelle said...

All of your work is pretty, but I think the fairy is adorable. I'm so glad she liked it!