Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pre-Weekend Babble

I'm still waiting on some flosses to arrive so I can work on the blue wedding the meantime, I've done a bit more on the Eeeevil Knotwork, but haven't taken a picture. Oh, and with the blue wedding piece - I'm trying to decide whether I should use the hand-dyed floss used in the pattern (WDW Dove, a mix of grays with a touch of blue -- it seems to get lost on the light blue fabric) or substitute something else (right now the front-runner is Carrie's Creations' "Stormy Sea", a mix of darker blues and greens -- but the blue isn't quite the same shade as the DMC blues used in the pattern). Hmmm. So I'm open to suggestions.

This weekend is the neighborhood-wide yard sale on our block, so I'm taking tomorrow off in hopes of unloading lots of crap (the sale runs tomorrow and Saturday). DH has an all-day class on Saturday, so the plan is to sell as much as possible tomorrow and then hopefully close up shop Saturday. I hatehateHATE running a yard sale by myself, expecially when the vanloads of Bosnian immigrants pull up and want to haggle over every. last. thing. Blah.

Tonight we're going to the local comedy club to see John Heffron (for those you who watch NBC's "Last Comic Standing," he was a contestant there, and won in .....season 3, I think?).

In closing, DH and I saw the scariest movie EVER the other night....we Netflixed "Jesus Camp." Yikes. Truly frightening stuff. It made me ashamed to admit that I worked at a Christian camp for 2 summers....but then, at my camp we didn't brainwash little kids into praying over cardboard cut-outs of the president, and we wouldn't DREAM of even mentioning abortion, much less working them into hysterics and handing out little plastic fetuses for them to sob over. Wow.

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a tough call on the floss! Sometimes I switch colors even if it is different than what is called for. if it looks good to me that is all that matters!