Saturday, May 12, 2007

Progress, Beads & Tags

Thanks for all the good thoughts regarding my toofers, girls! I'm actually feeling much better already. The hardest part was regulating my blood sugar when I couldn't eat much...ugh. You'd think that would be food=no insulin, right? But oh nooooo! Since the trauma of having 2 teeth yanked out evidently released a decent shot of adrenaline and glucose into my system, my blood sugar skyrocketed for the better part of Thursday night. So frustrating. Anyway, that's enough for the health update/biology lesson.

Yesterday and today I plodded along on the Celtic wedding gift. I know it is getting done, it just doesn't FEEL like it.....

And I did a bit more beading tonight. I found a pattern for a scissor fob online that used a knitting needle cover to make a cover for the tip of a pair of embroidery scissors...this seemed perfect for my "travel" snips! I must admit, though, that the only "Grandma beads" on this piece are the bird in the center and the turquoise chip by the clip to keep the "Laugh" charm from slipping down over the seed beads. Everything else was from my itty-bitty bead stash.... (I *think* you can click on this to see it bigger, if you like.)

Someone asked in a reply to my last post if DH's grandma was Native American -- nope, not the teeniest bit! After moving to Arizona, she just completely embraced Southwestern decor. The ironwood coyote was displayed on top of the TV stand, along with an ironwood iguana, eagle, and a couple other animals. The turtles....even her kids couldn't explain that one. But she had little turtle figurines everywhere! Ceramic, wood, metal, tacky cheap gift-shop name it, you could proably find it hiding on a shelf or in a corner.

And since I've been tagged by both Karen & Suz, I guess I'd better list 8 Random Things About Myself...

  1. I hate clutter, but I hate cleaning. I keep telling DH we're going to sell/toss everything we own and move into a teeny apartment where we can't accumulate crap in the first place.
  2. I love bargain shopping. If I say I'm going shopping, 9 times out of 10 that means I'm going to either the thrift store or a bargain/overstock outlet. The mall intimidates me.
  3. I'm terrified of drugs that might loosen my grip on reality. I'm sure it is a side-effect of my Type A control-freak personality and juvenile diabetes -- I can't stand the idea of letting someone else, even a medical professional, take care of me. (I just don't trust 'em!) And that explains why the pain-killers my oral surgeon prescribed are in the medicine chest, unopened...
  4. When it comes to pets, I'm a magnet for a hard-luck story. My cat was thrown from a moving car as a kitten, and we discovered after we adopted our dog from the shelter that she'd been shot with 75-100 BBs or buckshot pellets.
  5. I tend to collect yummy scented lotions and body washes. (My New Year's resolution was actually to use up some of the stuff I have before I buy any more.) Right now I'm addicted to a Calgon marshmallow-scented lotion....I got it at the bargain outlet.
  6. Part of why we don't have a child yet is that I dread having to plan menus and cook dinners every night. Not that I don't cook now, but if we decide we want take-out, or if DH says he's not hungry and I just have a bowl of cereal, I feel no guilt.
  7. I may be a librarian, but I don't actually read that much.
  8. When I travel, I love to feel like a local. I try to learn as much as I can about a place, and then talk like an expert when I go home. I swear, I am a gypsy soul....

I won't tag anyone else, as I'm usually the last one to get around to these things, but if you haven't done it and are feeling so inclined, consider yourself tagged!


Hazel said...

lovely beaded scissor fob! Celtic wedding is looking great too. xx

AnnMcD said...

Wow Erin,

Thanks for visiting my blog and
how ironic that you commented on my blog today...which in turn led me to yours...and your wisdom teeth!
DH is getting three wisdom teeth romoved tomorrow! I can't say I am looking forward to having a man in pain around the house for the next few days but it has to be done.
He's getting put out completely, not just a frozen mouth. Hope it all goes well for him.

BTW, Love your beaded fob!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What an adorable beaded fob that is! Hope that tooth gets better and better!