Friday, March 09, 2007

More missed SBQs & random thoughts

1) Do you find yourself stitching faster when you are getting to the end of a design?
I'm a pretty steadily-paced stitcher...I try not to rush at the end of a project (or section), because that's when I make mistakes!!

2)Do you use your needle, a seam ripper, or something else when you have to frog stitches? Why do you use the method that you do?
I have never had to frog a very large area (knock on wood!), so I usually use my needle. Sometimes I'll make a few strategic snips with my Gingers. Why do I use this method? just seems natural to me, I guess!

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I'm not sure where time has gone lately, but I seem to be falling behind in blogging, stitching, housecleaning....ugh. As a result, I've been doing some serious stash-lusting. (That seems to happen when I fall into a slump!) BUT - I've been strong and resisted PR's "My Lady of the Snow" (::drool::), and the beginning of Raise the Roof's "Crabby All Year" series (although I have a feeling I'll probably buy it when the series is complete, assuming I like the rest as much as I like the first part!). I ordered some fabric on eBay, but I have a plan for it - some lambswool Jobelan for Homespun Elegance's "Olde Shaker Tune." I can't believe it, but DH actually likes the design, and he typically poo-poos the more primitive designs like that one.

I stitched 2 lengths of floss on the Mermaids the other night, but other than that, no progress to report.

In other news, we finally got our bedroom painted!! We broke down and decided to pay someone to do it, because after stripping the wallpaper off one wall (it took us an entire day, we swore and sweated entirely too much, and we ended up with a wall that looked like h-e-double-hockey-sticks), we decided we hated that particular home renovation project. So 2 years later, we had some money saved up, and it was the best $300 we've ever spent on this house. LOL A wonderful lady came in, helped me choose a color, stripped all the wallpaper, repaired the mess we'd made, cleaned up after herself, and 3 days later we had a gorgeous new room. Yay!!! Now DH has promised me a shopping trip to find an actual, matching bedroom set. Wha-what? No more hand-me-down dressers and put-together, "it'll-do-in-a-pinch" shelving units used as nightstands?? I must be dreaming.

Which brings me to the next bit of life news. *gulp* We're talking about kids. We've pretty much figured out that we want one. Who'dathunk?? Yikes. Now the discussion has turned to whether or not I should get pregnant (I'm a juvenile diabetic, so pregnancy could be dangerous, but then, pregnancy can be dangerous for anyone....), or if we want to pursue adoption. And the secondary debate regarding adoption revolves around whether we'd adopt domestically or whether we'd go overseas to find a child. My gypsy spirit absolutely loves the idea of traveling halfway around the world to meet our child....our pocketbook and my employer's stingy vacation plan put up a convincing argument against this, though. Who knows. For the immediate future, we have to get DH through school (he should graduate next spring), and then we'll see where we stand financially. Unless, of course, I get pregnant before that!!! Stay tuned.....


Christine said...

So there was a reason you stitched that baby design!!! Congrats on deciding to have a child.

Congrats on the bedroom,'s amazing what a coat of paint can do, isn't it?

Hazel said...

Wow thats wonderful news. We have one child but are in same position as you are now. Do we want another of our own or should we adopt? I want to do both to tell you the truth. If we do adopt, we have a heart for the Chinese baby girls.
Really good news.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Glad you were able to get the bedroom done!!! I love the news about you wanting a child. I would have loved to have had one but it never worked out. I will pray about it for you!

Sharon said...

Your bedroom looks great! A child either way would be wonderful!