Thursday, March 01, 2007

February Blahs - 1, Monthly Goals - eh.

While I think I DID most of the things I had listed as goals, I don't FEEL like I accomplished as much as I could have. Eh. Blame the February blahs!!

High hopes for February:
1) More work on the wedding sampler. *sigh* I did do a bit. But I just can't get excited about this one....and I don't see it being finished and framed in time for the wedding that it was intended for. Hmph.
2) Work on "Old Books." I'm really enjoying this design! Worked on and finished!
3) Work on "Wintry Mix." I have done a little bit on this...but the satin stitches are NOT coming out nicely, and I think it may be time to put it away for a while!
4) Start a Christmas design from one of my JCS ornie issues. I started one, and then trashed it. *sigh* Working over-one was not my strong suit this month, evidently.

Plus there was all the finishing I did recently...that was fun!

For March-
1) Wedding sampler? Or not??? We'll have to see how I feel!
2) Work on the Mermaids again. I miss them.
3) See what is in the WIP/UFO pile. I think I saw an old aida kit of a partially-finished teddy bear poking out from under the bed the other night....
4) Try another ornament and/or something from the freebie collection (a smallish thing, in other words).


rose_michelle said...

I totally understand. This month one of my goals is to get a project done that I have (no joke) been putting off completing for four years now. Ugh! It's on aida and I only stitch on evenweave, but .. what momma wants she usually gets! No matter how long it takes.

Hazel said...

It's good to see I'm not the only one who didnt meet my goals last month lol! and I only had one!! Never mind, chin up. I really love your blog, very inspirational.