Friday, December 01, 2006

December Goals and a Scrappy Accomplishment

Wow, December already. Time for goals!!

November recap:
1) Work on the mermaids. Yes.
2) Work on the wedding piece. Yes.
3) An ornament or other small project - something to distract me from the big projects! Yes. (actually did 2 - Joyful Night and the little Dragon Dreams square)
4) See what else is in the WIP/UFO pile. Yes - I pulled an old kit out of my desk drawer at work and put in a few stitches. Not much to speak of, though.....

I also did some finishing (the Just Nan potpourri pocket), and of course, the blanket for my sister. Plus scrapbooking projects - the book for Mom and cube for Dad. So my stitching time was a bit minimal! Things might look a bit better this month, believe it or not....even with the holidays, I don't have a lot to "do." Most of my gift making/shopping is done, so I can relax a bit!

December goals:
1) Work on the mermaids.
2) Work on the wedding piece.
3) Post pictures of both (1) and (2)!!
4) Find and work on/finish an ornie or 2...there's the one in my desk drawer at work, plus a little Santa design that was stashed somewhere at home. DH's Santa gigs made me think of it!
5) Possibly start a Just Nan design, or some other small project. I'd like to have the "Swan Lake" design done and framed to match "Spring Peepers" (which I did a year or 2 ago!). I also got "Sensational Summer" by A Whimsical Element to do for a wedding we are going to in June.....

*sigh* I'm feeling very "stitchy" happens every so often, I just keep thinking about projects I want to work on or start, and I can't concentrate on anything else. Silly jobs!!

Finally, although this is a stitching blog, I wanted to share the photo cube I did for my dad. I'm really happy with how it turned out!!
cubetop cube1 cube2 cube3 cube4

I had to post from my Flickr account - for some reason, Blogger pooped out after I'd uploaded 2 of the pics. Grrrr. Although the pics are showing as clickable - so you'd think you could see them bigger - I have them set to "private" in my Flickr account, since my parents know about it and I'd hate for Dad to drop by there and see this. *sigh* But you get the general idea....oh, and the ribbon around the top and bottom of the cube is navy blue. On my computer here it looks almost black.


Anonymous said...

That is a real nice cube! Good luck on the goals!

juls said...

Love the cube! Thanks for posting it! Your dad will love it!!

Anonymous said...

Your cube is wonderful! How sweet!

Sharon said...

Erin, the cube is great-that is such a neat idea!