Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quickie Picture Post

As promised!

Here are the mermaids. I was going full-steam on L's (L is the smaller one) tail, but I got bored....so I switched back over to E's body. And then back and forth a few more times, so it looks like I haven't made much progress..... *pout*

And tonight when I came home, I was feeling inspired to start something new (and small!). So I dug out my Shepherd's Bush "Father Yule" booklet, and started on the second monochromatic square. When this one is done, it will read "Good Yule," I'm going to piece it together with the little santa square I finished a few months back to make a pretty wallhanging.

However, I'll have to leave this one for a while, since I'm out of DMC 815! Time for a run to the craft store..... (or more likely, Wal-Mart -- fewer temptations!)


Karin said...

The mermaids are looking fantastic! Congrats!

Singular Stitches said...

They're looking fabulous!!

Arthemise said...

Your mermaids are gorgeous! I have this one in my stash too.

Anonymous said...

The mermaids are coming along great. I like your good Yule piece as well.

Anonymous said...

Your Mermaids are looking great.