Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Joining the Challenge

Well, after much hesitation, I've decided to join CherylAnn's 50 Project Challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with the challenge, the idea is to not buy any patterns until you complete a specified number of pieces. I'm starting small, with just a 10 project commitment....we'll see how that goes, and if I'm rolling along nicely, maybe I'll extend it to 25 or even *gulp* 50! It also helps that I've already got one down (the kitty pillow).
My "exceptions" - magazines. I don't buy very many, anyway, but if I should see one with a "must-have" pattern, I like knowing I can pick it up and not have to beg, borrow, or hunt for it on eBay once the challenge is finished. And I might need to pick up some fabric and floss from time to time - but CherylAnn says these don't count anyway, since not many of us have the fabrics and fibers to finish 50 projects.
Oh, and I should share my last purchases before joining the Challenge - the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue and the October issue with the "sneak preview", and Subversive Cross Stitch. I love the "naughty" sayings and such in that book! I don't know if I'd dare post any of the projects here....I wouldn't want to offend or scare off any of my readers....but DH and I agree that the "Happy F*&%ing Holidays" piece would be perfect for his brother, who works retail and often despises the holiday shopping season.

I'm not going to make a list of planned stitching for the stitching is much too capricious to stitck to a list! - but I will keep track of my finishes in the sidebar somewhere. And here is my newest start, the Sisters sampler from Homespun Elegance.

As usual, I've made some changes. Both dresses were stitched with overdyes - the one on the left is Carrie's Creations "Chocolate" and the right is Six-Strand Sweets' "Zambuka". I changed the girls' hair to look more like mine and my sister's, and the heart and the left-hand border bit are also an overdye (WDW "Indian Summer"). All that is left is the word "sisters" on the top, "friends" on the bottom, and a few little motifs, plus the heart charm that goes between the girls. Should be finished soon!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! i don't know if I could do that! you are braver than me!

Anonymous said...

Great progress on your sister's sampler. I love the overdyes you have chosen to use!

HasturTorres said...

I love Subversive Cross Stitch! The designs are hilarous.