Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, I didn't finish the little Santa square...I did get a lot of the border done, but then I just got bored with all the 815 red!!! I did, however, do quite a bit (for me, anyway) on the Mermaids. So sparkly! I'll post a pic tonight/tomorrow.

I went to the LNS and picked up Shepherd's Earth. It is cute, but it is an older pattern and all in hand-drawn symbols. I'll definitely be making a working copy, and probably grumbling a lot when I get around to working on it.

I wanted to browse around the LNS a bit while I was there - I even had a list of things to pick up for a few RAKs - but the owner struck again. *sigh* She wasn't unfriendly, though....she was actually TOO helpful! She kept asking what I was looking for, if she could help, and then she just sat at the sales counter, fingers hovering over the cash register. It made me rather uncomfortable, especially since I was the only one in the store. So I paid for my pattern and went to A.C. Moore instead....of course, they don't have any of the specialty flosses or patterns. I managed to spend some money, though, on a few packs of beads for future projects and some batting for ornie-making.

Oh, and I had some kitchen adventures, too. Saturday I made a Parmesan-crusted chicken (DH enjoys referring to it as "crusty chicken" - I swear, I wonder how old he actually is some days...) that was excellent. Yesterday was slow-cooker Swiss steak - eh. Not nearly as good as I'd hoped. But at least it was edible!


Lisa said...

The chicken recipe sounds great! May I ask where you got the recipe? I know my son would get a kick out of me calling it "crusty chicken" too.

Redwitch said...

Hello Erin, just happened across your blog and wanted to say hi, as I too am a 30 something librarian with a cross stitch habit! We could be twins?!?

tkdchick said...

I really hate it when shop owners hover over you. It almost makes you feel like you have to buy something. Usually that's when I just leave. I like to be left to shop in peace.