Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Recap & August goals

Phew - July was a "smokin' needle" month for me, it seems!

July recap:
1) Finish Once Upon a Time. YES!!!!!!
2) Stitch a bit on the wedding sampler, and post an update pic here. Yep.
3) Work on the Woodland Sampler. Yes, I finished it, too!
4) Dig out a WIP/UFO -- the garden verse for my sister, TW's Regal Peacocks, or possibly my Dragon Virtues afghan.... I started a new square on the afghan, and I've been working on the garden verse.
5) Start something new - pick something to replace Once Upon a Time on the large scroll frame, or maybe something smaller. Yes - Mermaids of the Deep Blue is now "in progress"!

August goals
1) Finish the garden verse for my sister, including a border which I'll have to chart myself.
2) Work on the wedding piece.
3) Work on the mermaids.
4) Dive into the WIP/UFO bin again - who knows what I'll find, but I WILL find something "abandoned" to rescue for a while!
5) Start something small - an ornie, Just Nan square, something of that size.

My goals are a bit more modest, but I'm definitely in a stitching groove right now. So who knows what I'll be itching to stitch this month.....and of course, I can slip out of the groove as easily as I get into it, so next week you may be reading that my stitching has come to a grinding halt. It's all good, though....I don't stress over this stuff!


catandturtle said...

I have decided after reading your post that I will do a August goals list too. I really need to do that and focus so I can finish some stuff instead of just starting new things every week. Thanks for the nudge. :)

Anonymous said...

It is interesting reading everyone's goals since we're starting a new month. I may post goals in September.

zoeandcooper said...

Wow, you really did have smokin needles in July! Wonderful.