Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Because I know you all love 'em...more pictures!

First, I finally got a picture of the finished Gateway Poem piece.

After much fiddling, I decided to leave off the border altogether. Nothing I designed myself looked quite right - it all came off as too busy, and detracted from the pretty little verse. So I found those 2 Mill Hill heart buttons in my doo-dad box, and figured they'd be perfect. When I get around to having it framed, I'm thinking either no mat or a dark green mat with a whitewashed frame. I'll have to find out my sister's decorating color palette first!

Now the reason I even had those heart buttons was because of this piece. This is DH's gran with the framed "Blessed Are the Piece- makers" by Dragon Dreams that I gave her for Christmas last year. The pattern called for a heart button that had tulips painted on it, but my LNS didn't have that in stock. So I bought both blue hearts and pink ones, not knowing which would suit the piece - and grandma - best. Obviously I used the blue.....Grandma loved her gift, although DH and his siblings told me that soon she'll probably put it in a box labeled for me so when she dies I'll get it back. Ack! Evidently she gets quite concerned about what will happen to all the things her kids/grandkids/etc have given her once she is gone. Ah well. As long as it brings her some joy for a while, I'm happy.

Finally, Judy asked to see a picture of me in my ren faire garb. Yay! My little profile pic is actually me in my first foray into buying garb - the bodice is rather ill-fitting, and the chemise has (horror of horrors!) LACE on the sleeves. Very un-peasanty. hehehe And I haven't worn the muffin cap in a loooong time. Here is me from last year....

It isn't the greatest picture, but it is the only one I have here at work. Plus, DH and I tend to separate once we go through the faire gates....I wander off with my garbed buddies, and he finds a good spot to people-watch and take pictures. The bodice I'm wearing in that pic is green, and the chemise is black (it is hard to tell where one stops and the other starts, since the pic is a little dark). The hat was an attempt to disguise my very short hair! I've since let my hair grow out again, and now I usually wear a kerchief. If you click on my flickr badge on the right and go to my pictures there, you should find some scrapbook pages that have more shots of the faire, and maybe even one or 2 of me.... *wink*


jymisgurl said...

Congrats on the finish! It looks wonderful!
Thanks for your comments on my blog! Your Stitching The Standard is gorgeous!

zoeandcooper said...

Thanks for all the piccies. Your mermaids are looking lovely.

tkdchick said...

Wonderful! Lots of piccys! Congrats on your finish!

Love seing you in your ren garb!

Anonymous said...

I love your stitching and your garb.

Kim said...

I love the Gateway piece, it's so lovely and I agree that it didn't need a border. :D

Nice pic of you at the Ren faire! Those things are so fun! :D

natty68 said...

Wow love the Gateway piece, it's gorgeous.