Monday, August 07, 2006

Answering questions

It seems that I have neglected to answer a few questions from my readers!

First, Melanie aked how many hours of stitching went into "Once Upon a Time." Sadly, I have to say that I don't know...I don't track my stitching time. I do know that I started it in November of 2004, but more than that I can't say. Several times I put it aside for smaller projects, and didn't really get serious about finishing it until this spring. (I joined Carol's Mira/L&L/TIAG SAL back in January, and then failed miserably at sticking to it. *sigh*) We'll see if I do any better with Mermaids of the Deep Blue!! I stitched on that a teeny bit last night....

Judy asked about renaissance faires. Ahh, a topic near and dear to my heart! I stumbled on the the faire scene totally by accident...the first time my now-husband came to visit me (we were a long-distance internet couple), a coworker gave me some tickets to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. That was in....2001, I think? Well, we've been back every summer since. In 2002 we rented costumes, and after that I just HAD to buy my own. I've met so many fascinating and wonderful people at the faire - vendors, patrons and cast. I've not tried my hand at making garb.....I'm just a poor wench, and I made friends with a vendor who will give me pretties from time to time if I hang out in her tent and help sell things (I'm pretty good at it, too!).
Mom, DH and I had a great time there yesterday. I'm still chuckling over a comment one of the vendors made -- as I was hovering over a jewelry display, he said, "ah, the magpie instinct is strong in this one." LOL And he wasn't wrong. I left with a gorgeous woven wire bracelet!!
(This is a picture from the vendor's website - my bracelet is actually 2-tone. The knotwork is silver and the outside is gold.)

I don't have any of my pictures from yesterday downloaded yet, but here is an assortment of some pics from earlier this season.


Next weekend is the end of the season for the Great Lakes faire - boo-hoo!! DH and I have talked about going out to the PA Renaissance Faire for a weekend this fall, maybe....but gas is expensive and just finding the time to spare can be tough.

(This is still a stitching blog, right????)


ami said...

PA Ren Faire is a lot of fun :) I live about 20 minutes from it, and go fairly often. This year, a friend of mine is coming out to visit for CATS, and we're more than likely going to go to the Faire the next day. If it ends up happening that way, I'll be sure to take pictures for you :)

catandturtle said...

I have always wanted to go to one of those. I love that stuff too. The bracelet sounds beautiful with the two tone. Ann

Karen said...

Great pictures! The Ren Faire here in New York started this past weekend. It only runs until Labor Day weekend, so hopefully hubby and I will find some time to make it up there. We've missed it two years in a row now. They're always great fun. We even had a Renaissance-theme wedding. ; )

tkdchick said...

Oh my gosh I love that bracelet!!!