Monday, July 10, 2006

Still on a Stitcher's High

I'm still giddy from my finish last week....thanks everyone for the lovely comments!! I'm SO impatient to get her home and on the wall -- hurry up, framing lady! LOL

I spent the end of last week at my parents' place, and it was wonderfully relaxing. Dad is recovering from knee replacement surgery, and while he is amazingly mobile considering the procedure was done less than 2 weeks ago, he is still driving Mom crazy around the house. hehehe So it was good that I could be there for a few days to run interference....
I also spent some time on their deck stitching. Now I understand how some of you girls can stitch outside! My parents live in the country, and sitting on the deck I could hear nothing but birds and croaking frogs. It smelled green and fresh, and I could look out over the pond and hillside beyond... *sigh* It made me seriously consider building a house out there, too! (Dad bought a HUGE chunk of land, and there actually is another spot back in the woods that could be leveled and built on, if he was willing to part with the lot.) I mentioned it to DH when I got home. He seemed a bit luke-warm on the would put us that much farther from HIS family, which doesn't seem fair. Oh isn't really a possibility right now anyway, since we don't have anywhere close to the funds we'd need to start such a project.

Mom was so impressed with my Once Upon a Time finish that she wanted to take me stash shopping! Sadly, though, there is no LNS in the area, so we had to make do with Wal-Mart. *ackgaspgagcough* She got me an issue of The Cross Stitcher (the US one - not my favorite, but it did have 2 little wreath patterns by Pamela Kellogg that are kind of cute) and a pretty pair of stork scissors. They aren't anything fancy or expensive, but the handles are a lovely blue color that match the pretty fob Dani sent me!

I'll try to remember to post some pics tonight - my modest stash haul and my progress over the weekend on the Woodland Sampler.

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tkdchick said...

I live in the country ... all I need is a deck!