Friday, July 14, 2006

eBay frustrations

Carol posted today about eBay issues....strangely enough, I'm dealing with a problem over there as well. You see, over a month ago I won Mirabilia's "Scent of Old Roses." The same seller had some Silkweaver fabbies, and a Baby Z frame clamp/stand that I wanted. She was very accomodating, and agreed to wait until all the auctions ended before sending an invoice. She combined all the shipping, too, which was really nice. So I've been waiting for my pattern, fabrics and stand for at least 3 weeks now (if you figure a bit of leeway for transit time). Grrrrr! The thing is, she has maintained contact with me, and keeps promising that my package is on its way. I last heard from her this past Sunday, when she said that "her husband must have forgotten that one when he went to the post office" and she promised that it would be on its way ASAP. Hmm. I think if I don't get my package today or tomorrow, I'll have to email her again, and use a phrase that I do NOT toss around lightly.....negative feedback. *sigh* I think I've only left somebody a negative once since I started using eBay in 1998. I'm always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and I don't like to open myself up to retaliatory negs. Oh well.

I really wanted to have the pattern before I went over to the 25%-off sale over at Country Stitch and ordered a fabbie for it (I have an obsession with "Southern Sky" from the Kiwi Illusions line!), but I guess I'll just have to order the fabric and hope the pattern arrives soon. hehehe And I've picked out another color that I think "Shepherd's Earth" would look adorable on, so I'll add that to the order...hmmm. Anything else I can't live without?!?!?!?!?

Last night I finally put in a few lengths of thread on the wedding piece. There are SO many color changes in that piece! I always seem to be drawn to patterns that have lots of detailed shading. They look great when finished, but while working on them it often feels like I'll never finish....


Terri said...

How did you pay? If you used paypal, send the seller an email stating that if you don't receive your items by (insert date here) you will file a grievance with paypal. I always use paypal since they have a great grievance "department" and I always set the deadline to be less than 30 days from the day I paid.

Meari said...

I hope you got the ebay thing all worked out. I'm having a problem with a non-paying buyer right now. It's frustrating!