Sunday, March 26, 2006

Eyeballs & Insanities

The visit to the eye doctor on Friday went swimmingly - my eyes are fine, with no signs of diabetic complications. I don't always know how I've pulled THAT off, given my rather haphazard control over the past 26 years, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Thanks for the kind comments on the scrapbook pages below....I know this is my stitching blog, but I was just so proud of that layout! Dani commented on the number of pictures - that's definitely my style. While all the doo-dads and embellishments can be interesting, I'm a big fan of pictures (with captions/explanations, of course). The other thing you might notice is my borderline obsession with spacing. That is a holdover from my days of yearbook work! Even back then, my favorite pages were always the photo-collage spreads, where it was important to get measurements exact and spacing just right.

Over the weekend I started working on the Celtic Bonding spiral a bit, and then it hit me that I have a bridal shower to go to next weekend and no gift. Ack! So, being the crazy stitcher that I am, I found a card pattern in an issue of the British "CrossStitcher" magazine. I'm stitching it up on aida, because 1) I have gobs of it left around here and 2) the person I'm giving it to won't know the difference. It is all full stitches with no backstitching, so hopefully I'll finish it up ASAP. Then I'm going to make it into a little scented sachet pillow, get a gift certificate to Bath & Bodyworks, and see if Victoria's Secret has small bottles of their soap for delicate laundry items...wrap it all up and add a tag of "mentionables for your unmentionables." :D I think bridal showers should be all about goodies for the BRIDE, not getting utilitarian stuff off the bridal registries.....

As usual, I made a few changes....mostly color changes out of necessity. The reds are different, and the pink flower as well. I changed the centers of the white flowers (inside the heart) to blue and used some generic beads. Oh, and since it is on 18-ct. instead of the recommended 14-ct., it will be a bit smaller.

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Patti said...

That's a great gift idea Erin - I'm sure it will be well recieved. Glad the eye exam went well - I need to do that myself soon.