Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005 Stitching Recap

I've seen a lot of these recap lists lately, so since I'm stuck at work today, I thought I'd put together one myself. So, 2005 finishes, here goes.....

finished size approx. 5" x 7"
- Dragon Dreams: Blessed Are the Piecemakers (framed), Night Wizard
- Dragon Fire Designs: Once Upon a Time
- SanMan Originals: Four-Square Peep (framed)
- Solaria: Stitching the Standard

finished size 3" x 3" - 6" x 6"
- Black Swan: Fire and Ice
- Just Nan: Spring Peepers
- Theresa Wentzler: Tole Heart

- Better Homes & Gardens: Christmas Sprite
- Black Swan: Flight of Fancy (finished as a padded basket top)
- Dragon Dreams: Christmyth Giant
- Fanci That: Checkered Tree
- Graceful Lily: Blackwork Spree
- Heart in Hand: Alphabet Mania - T (finished in a coaster)
- JBW Designs: A Time to Sing (on stitchband as a mini bellpull)
- Wren Song Designs: Rose Wreath (personalized for a friend's wedding)
- veggie design stitched on an apron for my sister

Wow!! So evidently keeping a stitching blog HAS made me a more productive stitcher!! I never would have thought I could finish 16 projects in a year....although none of them are really "big", it is still quite an accomplishment for me. And it sure feels good to list them all! Hopefully 2006 will bring an even bigger list of finishes.....

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Lelia said...

Excellent list of projects. I still need to list mine : )