Monday, October 17, 2005

A crafty weekend and a wonderful husband

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!!

Mom got into town later than expected (typical Mom-style), so we didn't go to the stitching shop on Friday. Instead we took our special discount cards to the scrapbook store and loaded up there...they send everyone who registers for the "fall crop" a coupon for 25% off your entire purchase that is good for the week before the event. And Mom treated!! Yay!

Saturday we got to the crop around 10. Since it started at 8 am, the other ladies at the table we were supposed to sit at had spread out all over, and there was no room. Grrrr. That's what happens when you assign 6 people to tables that really only comfortably hold 4.... So one of the organizers found us an extra table, and we had it all to ourselves! We were kind of isolated, which was a bit of a bummer, but at the same we worked a bit more than we might have otherwise. I didn't attend any of the little mini-workshops or product demos -- a lot of them seem so unnecessary to me. As a librarian and historian, I scrapbook as a means of preservation and information. I see my scrapbook as a way to make the events of my life more accessible, and I don't need to attach every kind of doo-dad imaginable to my pages to do so. Sure, I'll mat pictures, use a few stickers, and play with layouts...but in the end, I just want my book to tell a story. So anyway. I got a few pages done, Mom started on her latest project (a Christmas album), and we had a good time.

After lunch we had to move our car - there was a wedding at the church attached to the auditorium where the crop was - so we zipped across town to the stitching store!! Mom picked out a mat and frame for the "little troll-man" piece I gave her for her birthday, and I rifled through the 50%-off bins and found JBW Designs' "A Time to Sing." The pic isn't the greatest....but it is a teeny tree with three little birds in it, and there are 2 different color options. Since the finished size is less than 2 inches wide (by about 5 inches long, I think), I also picked up a card of stitchband to use. And that was it....less than $5....and again, Mom treated me! It is so cool that my mom supports my craft addiction.

Mom left Sunday morning, and DH had to work from 2 to 10 pm, so I spent the afternoon and evening happily stitching on "Once Upon a Time." I got a big chunk of her left side done, and some of the never-ending blue skirts. I think I'm going to need more 3756, and I hope I can get a matching dyelot. Ack.

The bidding has started on that Just Nan kit I posted about below, and it has quickly gotten too rich for my blood (basically, anything above the starting bid was more than I could commit to...). BUT....I DID acquire something new last night. Lorri Birmingham's "Tis the Season" kit, complete with the stitchband and bellpull hardware, for less than $10! Still not sure why the Christmas stitch-bug is biting so hard, but hey, who am I to argue??? As long as the pace of my acquiring seems to be slowing a bit - which it is - I'm not going to worry too much. And my hubby doesn't flinch TOO much when he sees the packages arrive..... hehehe

Speaking of husbands, I just have to end this post by saying how cool mine is. *grin* Not only does he take AWESOME photographs and then let me use them in creative ways in my scrapbooks, he loves the finished product. And whether it is a scrapbook page or a piece of needlework or some other little wangdoodle, he is free and sincere with his compliments. I don't think I could have done any better. Mmmmm.

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