Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Weekend Stitching (or, I Hate Waste Canvas)

I had big plans for the Needle & Thread BB Freebie SAL this past weekend... I was going to work on "Stitching the Standard" (which I did) AND do a Dragon Dreams' freebie. So Friday night I was a busy little bee, ironing some fusible interfacing into a t-shirt, attaching waste canvas, and sorting my threads. I started stitching happily on Saturday, and by Sunday night I'd finished the little jester dragonlet. Now, I had prior experience with waste canvas. I stitched Dani the Stitching Dragon on a canvas tote, and because of my inexperience with waste canvas, I stitched too tightly and could not pull all of the waste threads out. This time I decided to be smarter than the canvas -- I pulled the waste threads out before I did the backstitching. MISTAKE. When I tried backstitching without the canvas, it was a train wreck. I actually threw the entire project away....thank goodness I got the shirt for next to nothing at the thrift store. Sigh.

I did love that little dragon, though -- guess I'll have to stitch him again somewhere else. NOT with waste canvas!!!

But "Stitching the Standard" is coming along beautifully. I can see the end! I have her left hand - the one holding the fabric - done, and I'm working on her hair and neck now. I'm not totally pleased with the way that hand looks -- it is kind of hard to tell exactly where her fingers are. As DH said, "is she wearing mittens?" Oh well. Maybe once the whole thing is done, it will help....

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