Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A finish!!

Here she is, Barbara Baatz's "Flower Fairy." She's stitched on a 28-ct. Silkweaver Solo, in pretty shades of purple/blue/green. I made a few modifications - I added beads to her necklace, subbed in some rayon floss in her wings, and put teeny French knots in the center of her eyes (oh, and the pattern has her eyes purple...I made them green). The pic doesn't really show off the sparkle from the beads and the blending filament in her wings.....ah well.


Now tell me, should I submit her to the Silkweaver's "Stitcher's Showcase" competition??

1 comment:

tweezle said...

YES!!! She's just gorgeous and deserves a place in the gallery :-) Great job!!!